Ajith Supports Jallikattu Protest

Tamil Nadu is gaining momentum after protest to lift the ban on Jallikattu and to ban PETA broke out across the state which continues for days now. It got its weightage only after Chennai turned into a hot ground where thousands of people of all ages, especially Tamil Nadu youths take control of the protest.

While several Kollywood celebrities have expressed their views and support to Jallikattu, actor Ajith haven’t made any statement on this issue. Ajith, apparently, a very private person who stays away from media and is minimal in making statements on any issue.

Meanwhile, Nadigar Sangam has announced a dawn to dusk protest on the Friday, 20th of January. It is said that Ajith will take part in the protest organized by Nadigar Sangam. It is evident that Ajith is supporting Jallikattu and will clear the air on Friday.

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