After Sultan and Dangal, Akshay Kumar likely to Play The Great Khali Biopic

Salman Khan’s Sultan was a blockbuster hit in 2016 and now Aamir Khan’s Dangal is hitting the screen this Friday, which is already a branded hit. Two Bollywood popular actors have already played wrestlers and now Bollywood star Akshay Kumar will be seen playing a wrestler in a biopic.

Fox Star Studios acquired rights from the Indian wrester The Great Khali to make a movie based on his life and Akshay Kumar is likely to reprise him in the movie. The buzz on Akshay Kumar doing a movie on wrestling has gone skyrocket after the actor revealed his desire to do a film of sport things.

In a book launch event, Akshay Kumar who released the book on Dara Singh, said he is interested to play the character of Dara Singh onscreen, but that will require a lot of hard work in the gym.

“To be Dara Singh, you need a wrestler’s body. I have to change my body for that. I have to expand a lot more on the chest side because Dara Singh was a huge man and I have to justify him completely,” the Indian Express quoted Akshay as saying when asked if he would like to portray Dara Singh onscreen.

“For that, I need at least two years of training to put on that kind of bulk and look like a wrestler. So, if I don’t have many movies, I can do it,” he added.

Akshay Kumar wants to double his body size to portray Dara Singh, but is merely impossible to play The Great Khali because of his enormous size. Whether Akshay is roped in for Khali or not, Fox Studios is damn sure to make a movie on Khali. On the other hand, Akshay will fulfill his desire to play a wrester in a movie through Dara Singh biopic. Whatsoever, we will be witnessing another wrestling biopic anytime soon.