Adhe Kangal Movie Review – Triangular Romantic Thriller

Adhe Kangal Review: Billed as a romantic thriller, Adhe Kangal is the latest film from the house of CV Kumar’s Thirukumaran Entertainment. The film is directed by Rohin Venkatesan which features Kalaiyarasan, Janani Iyer and Sshivada in the lead roles alongside Bala Saravanan and Aravindraj. The film has released today that carries lot of expectations over its shoulders as the film grabbed everyone’s attention with its intriguing and sleek trailer.

Ghibran has rendered musical score for the film which has Ravivarman Neelamegam cinematography and Leo John Paul editing. The film revolves around three lead characters Varun, Sadhana and Deepa, which is a mystery thriller and the director has attempted to give a serious flick blended with humour. Did the film live to the expectations of the trailer? To know, read Adhe Kangal Movie Review Rating, Public Talk and Audience Response Live Updates.

Adhe Kangal Movie Plot

The film is a romantic thriller where Kalai plays the role of a chef, Sshivada is a salesgirl and Janani essays the role of a reporter. The relationship between the three characters forms the crux of the story.

The film has been named after the 1967 Tamil film of the same name, however there is o connection betweenthe. Kalaiyarasan as Varun will be seen playing visually impaired chef, whose character was carefully designed in accordance with Christine Ha. She is a blind chef and the first blind contestant of Masteerchef and also the winner of the season in 2012.

Adhe Kangal Story & Review

Debutant filmmaker Rohin Venkatesan has come out a promising sleek romantic thriller with a young team. As the title suggests, eyes play an important role, which will be revealed in the latter part of the film. Going by the popular phrase, ‘Love is Blind’, Rohin settles the audience with a beautifully constructed romantic tale. Kalaiyarasan as Varun and Janani Iyer as Sadhana fall for each other. Varun is a blind chef, but very passionate about cooking impresses audiences at the first sight. Sadhana is a journalist gets attached with Varun and they start to love each other. Rohin makes audience to engage with the feel and gradually shift towards a series of mysteries followed by an accident. The knot of the film lies there, from where eyes gains momentum through series of occurrences where the protagonist travels to find the mystery that follows him. How Deepa (Sshivada) and Varun are connected is what Adhe Kangal is all about.

The script will be somewhat new to the audience and that accompanied with grasping narration, the film keeps the audience engaged from start to end. The film is touted as a comedy thriller, but you won’t find any unwanted comedy or songs. The screenplay is intact with the core plot but the only thing is that the film is missing a complex narration. The better the complexity of the script the film will be more engaging and interesting, that’s the beauty of a thriller flick.

Although the film keeps the audiences under its wraps, it gets loosened and lighter at some point of time and holds you until the suspense element is revealed. From there, it travels the way you predict. The character revelation, especially the negative lead, is somewhat makes audience to realize that it should have handled better.

Rohin should have made it a better one, as it seems the paper script was not translated onto the screen effectively. The lead characters have given their performances; especially Sshivada steals the show with her terrific performances. Bala Saravanan have delivered some laughter, he had his job perfect. He has used the space given to him perfectly.

 The backbone of Adhe Kangal is its intriguing story and Ghibran’s background scores and songs. They blend with the story so aptly.

To sum up, Adhe Kangal is one of the best thrillers in recent times, which could have been made better if it had a tight narration and puzzles. Otherwise, it’s a good watch. Worth for your money!