Actor Sivakarthikeyan Registers His Voice Against Jallikattu Ban

With just a couple of days of for the four days Pongal festival, the thanksgiving harvest festival of Tamil Nadu, which showcases the tradition and culture of Tamil People, protests have broke out in the state seeking both the state and central government to let conduct the sport.

Kollywood celebrities were registering their voice against the ban of Jallikattu, the latest to speak about Jallikattu is none other than Sivakarthikeyan. He said, “Jallikattu is the true sport that resembles the tradition and culture of Tamil people and he is one among the millions who wanted to  give life to the sport.”

Sivakarthikeyan took the matter to Twitter and said, “ஏறுதழுவுதல் எம் தமிழர்களின் கலாச்சாரம்,பண்பாடு..அதை மீட்க விரும்பும் பல கோடிபேரில் ஒரு தமிழனாய் நானும் #WeNeedJallikattu.

The political discourse on the ban of Jallikattu is known to all and there are a few people who wanted to kill the sport in favor of multinational companies. If Jallikattu is permanently banned, farmers and livestock keepers will be forced to abandon the native cattle breed, especially native bulls, which will eventually lead to decline of cattle population and that will put an end to organic farming and milk production. Multinational companies will take over the multi-billion dollar dairy business in India and the normal life cycle chain will be disturbed as Milk is the foundation for children. If Jallikattu is killed, the entire dairy industry will go into the hands of MNCs, who will export quality milk to their countries and will sell the toxic milk that leads to health issues. By that way, they generate revenue from Dairy business, Health care, Food supplies for which they retain patents.