Is Aarav abandoning Oviya for Bindu Madhavi?

Bigg Boss Tamil: Aarav gained popularity after he went on to participate in Kamal Haasan’s controversial reality show Bigg Boss, thanks to his good looks, perfect physique and outspoken attitude. He is one of the favourite contestants in Bigg Boss, who initially got attached to Oviya quickly in the first few days in the house.

The romantic episode began after Oviya proposed to him but he just remained silent and even now, he hasn’t responded to her proposal. Looking at it, Oviya concluded that he hasn’t interest on her, but they remained close and intense at times. Though, he supports Oviya now, he ditched her after the first week and started to move closer with Raiza Wilson.

Aarav created a buzz throughout his stay in the house and was initially close with Oviya, then Raiza and later Juliana. He befriended Oviya again after Kamal mocked at him and supported her at bad times. This made housemates to turn against him, however, things went smooth until the hot wildcard contestant Bindu Madhavi entered into the house.

Everyone was shocked after watching today’s promo as he nominates Oviya for eviction. His decision came as a surprise for Oviya fans, but it is quite expected. Looks like he is disturbed with harsh treatment of Oviya against Juliana last week, but that couldn’t justify his decision. Oviya fans argue that she did to teach lesson to Juliana which makes sense. The sudden change of Aarav comes after Bindu Madhavi’s entry into Bigg Boss and it looks like he shifting his eye towards her.