Aanandam Malayalam Movie Review Rating – Youthful Entertainer

Aanandam Malayalam Movie Review: Set in the backdrop of youthful college life, ‘Aanandam’ is the latest Malayalam outing that showcases the vigorous adventurous of seven youthful college students. The film portrays romantic travelogue of youngsters who were on a four-day trip, first in their college life.

The film is penned and helmed by debutant Ganesh Raj, a former associate of Vineeth Sreenivasan. The film features Vishak Nair, Anu Antony, Thomas Mathew, Arun Kurian, Siddhi Mahajankatti, Roshan Mathew and Anarkali Marikar in the lead roles.

‘Aanandam’ has grabbed U/A certificate from Censors. The film is released today and opened to mixed reviews and the movie has attracted younger audiences. Before hitting the theaters, check out Aanandam Malayalam movie review rating, audience response, Public opinion, and critic’s reaction.

Aanandam Malayalam Movie Cast and Technician

  • Cast: Vishak Nair, Anu Antony, Thomas Mathew, Arun Kurian, Siddhi Mahajankatti, Roshan Mathew, and Anarkali Marikar.
  • Director: Ganesh Raj
  • Producer: Vineeth Sreenivasan
  • Banner: LJ Films Pvt Ltd.
  • Music: Sachin Warr. Anu Elizabeth Jose, Vineeth
  • Cinematography: Anend C Chandran
  • Editing: Abhinav Sunder Nayak

Aanandam Malayalam Movie Review

Aanandam Malayalam Movie Story

Aanandam is a transitioning dramatization, an exciting Malayalam adventure that explores friendship, love, life and what it resembles to be 19 and in College. Aanandam is the ‘Romantic Youthful Entertainer‘ about a group of seven engineering students who have set out on their college’s first trip. he adventure starts a romantic tale between the adolescents. The director has beautified the movie showcasing the relationships of young college students who make a 4-day trip that follows series of love, romance, friendship, emotion and all relationship fixings.

The locations were eye-catching and the added romance beautifies the screen. In the film, we can see Vishak Nair as Kuppi, Anu Antony as Devika, Thomas Matthew as Akshay Raj, Arun Kurian as Varun, Siddhi Mahajankatti as Dia, Roshan Mathew as Gautham and Anarkali Marikar as Darshana Menon. The film also features Siddi Mahajankatti, Roshan Mathew and Anarkali Marikar in supporting cast.

Ganesh Raj made his directorial make a big appearance with a Youthful Story and got all the group of onlookers consideration towards him with his course. Six years back, when Vineeth Sreenivasan made his directorial debut with Malarvaadi Arts Club, he brought along a set of fresh talents. At that point Vineeth coordinated three different movies and every one of them ended up being hits. Furthermore, now, Vineeth is turned as a producer, this film is additionally a hit for Vineeth Sreenivasan as a producer.

Aanandam Malayalam Movie Review Rating

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Aanandam Malayalam Movie Review Rating – 3/5