Aakkam Movie Review

Aakkam, directed by Veludoss Gnanasamantham, is the latest Tamil movie to hit the screens today, based on the life events of a typical North Chennai guy set in North Madras. We have seen many movies in similar genres but this movie isn’t much different from the others, which is overloaded with crime and thug life of North Chennai people. Srikanth Deva has rendered music and background score for the film.  Check out Aakkam review.

  • Cast: Sathish Ravan, Delna Davis, Vaidhegi, Powerstar Srinivasan
  • Director: Veludoss Gnanasamantham
  • Producer: E Selvam
  • Music: Srikanth Deva
  • Banner: Aathi Lakshmi Films

Aakkam Movie Story and Review

Set in typical North Madras, the film tells the story of a person whose life gets twisted and ends up as a gangster (local rowdy) due to his parents.  Sathish Ravan’s mother is a drug addict, who wants him to become a powerful gangster, and of course, that comes at a cost of his studies. He joins with the area guys and gradually turns into a rowdy and what happens to him the climax forms the crux of the story.

Sathish fits perfectly as a North Madras guy be it his slang or the body language. The entire film travels along with him and justified the story with his powerful performance. Delna Davis as his love interest has no scope in the film. She comes in a couple of scenes and songs which isn’t enough to test her performance. We aren’t sure about the need of Powerstar Srinivasan in the film, may be just to grab the attention of the audience.

To say frankly, the film failed to impress the audience, even the B and C circuits. The problem with the film is the story that lags sequential flow and engaging elements. It is difficult to come up with grasping screenplay with such stories. Neither the story nor the narration is good. There are good scenes here and there but that couldn’t help the film to hold the audience. Ranjith has done an extended cameo appearance as an ex-rowdy and now leading a good life steals the show.

The core plot of Aakkam is to let people the importance of education and how it can change the life a person. But the story couldn’t able to hold the content and wasn’t able to satisfy movie lovers. Srikanth Deva’s background score is something huge relief for the audience. If the story is little bit engaging, it could have been a good movie.


  • Performance
  • Visuals
  • Climax
  • Background score


  • Story
  • Slow Screenplay

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