8 Thottakkal Movie Review Rating

8 Thottakkal Movie Review: Crime thrillers instantly grab attention of movie fanatics because of the fact that these movies would have intriguing storytelling that would easily satisfy audience. Tamil cinema has seen many thriller movies in the late and the latest to hit the silver screens is debutant director Sri Ganesh’s 8 Thottakkal. The film stars Vetri Sudley and Aparna Balamurali in the lead roles while Nassar, MS Bhaskar, and others play the supporting roles. The film is produced by Vetrivel Saravanan and music is composed by Sundarmurthy.  The core plot of the film is inspired from 1949 Japanese film Stray Dog.

8 Thottakkal Synopsis and Review

Though the lead hero of the film is Vetri Sudley, the actual hero is the bullets. The movie deals with a story of a cop who loses his fully loaded pistol to a pickpocket. After that incident, a series of murders occur with the stolen gun. He informs the incident to the higher officials where he is left with a day deadline to find the stolen gun and the one responsible for the crime. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Aparna Balamurali and their love story goes on a separate track. How he finds the crime forms the crux of the story.

The highlight of the movie is the engaging and gripping storytelling, however, director seemed to have diverted from the main storyline in certain times. The film entirely travels through Vetri, who had delivered terrific performance. Aparna was not given much space in the movie, but she has given a decent performance. Background score is good but not up to the fact of engaging factor.

Verdict: An interesting and engaging crime thriller, but appears to be a but lengthy.