5 shocking facts about Bigg Boss Tamil that will blow your mind

Bigg Boss is arguably the most hyped and controversial television reality game show is currently being telecasted on Star Vijay from 9 pm from Monday to Friday while the weekend episodes with Kamal Haasan goes on air at 8:30 pm. There have been several mysteries and controversies’ surrounding the prime time reality show, including the voice of Big Boss and the reality show is actually a reality show or scripted one. So here is the look at the five things about Bigg Boss that we bet you didn’t know:

Kamal Haasan makes big money

The Tamil version of Bigg Boss started off with intense speculation over whether people will accept the show or not, despite the fact that he Hindi version of the Bigg Boss saw ten successful season with the 11 season all set to air, there have been a lot of controversies surrounding the show. So the makers of the show managed to bring in Kamal Haasan into the show as host and created a huge buzz among fans.

Despite being a star, Kamal Haasan’s ideology is always been liked by the people and so he is in. He probably shoots only once a week for the show, and apparently takes home approximately 2 crore for each episode. And, of course, he is the highest paid celebrity for any reality show in South India.

You only see what the makers want you to see

The original version of Big Boss, the Big Brother has been witness to possibly a lot of raunchy and intimate make-out sessions. But given the censorship in India, the Tamil version won’t telecast any of the steamy scenes that the Hindi version even got. It is too normal for the contestants to get intimate and kissing scenes are taken at liberal in the Hindi version, but whereas in Tamil vermin don’t expect such kind of scenes. If the contestant get too intimate over kissing and be rest assured that there’s much more that happens inside the house which you don’t get to see at all.

They’re more liberal with abuses but if the contestants get into nasty talk, you hear the beep; most of the sequences are either toned down or most times are chopped off from the show. At the end of the day, you only see what the channel wants you to see.

Contestants get alcohol inside the house

Though there is a smoking room in the Bigg Boss house, there are contestants addicted to drinking as well. It is not possible for a person to suddenly quit drinking in favor of a show. And, of course, they cannot show contestants smoking or drinking which may end up with controversies and is not good for the youth. So the channel provides liquor to the addicted contestants in the form of juice packets.

Contestants won’t do the cleaning things

You seriously think the housemates do all the cleaning? Though the channel shows contestants doing the cleaning at times, and eventually they do a little just for the sake you should believe, but all the major cleaning is done by the hired help. They come clean and leave and of course as to why we never see them on TV, because that is not so interesting and those bits are edited out.

No blind spots

In the Tamil version of Bigg Boss there are only thirty cameras installed inside and outside the Bigg Boss house, but the Bigg Boss house shown in the Hindi version has around eighty cameras together. The Bigg Boss house has been under surveillance always 24/7 that leaves the house with no blind spot sat all. They use two types of cameras – robotic and track cameras. There are cameras installed outside the glass barriers too. So the contestants are being monitored all the time. The only place inside the Bigg Boss house that gives the contestants some privacy is the restroom.

The house is heavily protected on the outside to keep it and its secrets safe from the prying eyes of the world.