5 Interesting Reasons to Watch Arun Chidambaram’s Kanavu Variyam This Friday

Moviegoers of Tamil Nadu are highly anticipated to watch Tamil movies releasing every Friday and this Friday we have two releases –Internationally acclaimed and award winning Kanavu Variyam and Vijay Antony’s Yaman. In earlier post, we gave some solid reasons to watch Yaman movie and this post will discuss why we should watch Kanavu Variyam.

This movie is written, directed, and produced by Arun Chidambaram, who also plays the lead role in the film opposite Jiya Shankar. The film also has Ilavarasu, Black Pandy, Prof.Ku.Gnanasambandan, Yog Japee and Sendhi Kumari in supporting roles. Shyam Benjamin has rendered music for the film with dop and editing being handled by Selvakumar and Gaugin, respectively. The film is censored with a clean U certificate.

5 Interesting Reasons to Watch Arun Chidambaram’s Kanavu Variyam

Before its original release that’s February 24th, Kanavu Variyam has premiered in several international film festivals and got recognition from international arena. The movie has won 7 International awards and 15 International Honours from 9 Countries. Kanavu Variyam is the first Indian Film to win 2 Remi Awards.

It’s an award winning movie and hence the expectation for the movie has already risen above the bar. The film has already garnered international recognition winning several awards adding positive to the movie.

The movie deals with the power cuts and electricity shortage in villages in Tamil Nadu and the possible ease solution to the power cuts. The storyline of the movie is intriguing and exciting.

There is a song in the film ‘Kalla Manna’ which portrays 51 traditional games of rural India which was visually appealing. This song has won the Best Youth Focus Music Video award at the Bare Bones International Film and Music Festival at Oklahoma, USA.

The trailer and teaser of the film have aroused curiosity among movie lovers and hence the expection for the movie is high.

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