2016 The End Movie Review Rating – Divyendu Sharma, Kiku Sharda, Harshad Chopra, Priya Banerjee

2016 The End Movie Review Rating: This week, we don’t have any big releases as all biggies released last week, yet we have an interesting comic Hindi film releasing this weekend – 2016 The End. The 2016 The End is an entertaining movie directed by Jaideep Chopra that deals with story of four close friends who came to know that the world is going to end in 7 days.

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Cast & Crew:

  • Cast: Divyendu Sharma, Kiku Sharda, Harshad Chopra, Priya Banerjee, Rahul Roy, Narendra Jha.
  • Written and Directed by: Jaideep Chopra
  • Music: Agnel Roman & Faizan Hussain
  • Banner: Jaideep Chopra Productions
  • Release Date: 4 November 2016


To say in short, 2016 The End is about what Sunny, Asse Rahul and Sheetal do when they come to know that the world is going to end in 7 days. This gives everyone a chance to think about how they would live the last days of their life. Ironically, no one knows if today could be their last day.

The film is filled with lots of entertaining factors with a decent screenplay and execution. Divyendu Sharma as Sunny, Kiku Sharda as Asse, Harshad Chopra as Rahul, Priya Banerjee as Sheetal, Rahul Roy as Decosta, and Narendra Jha as Pratap. Sunny, Asse, Rahul and Sheetal are close friends and one day they come to know that the world will no longer exist after 7 days due to etrolite collision. They had a lot of struggles in the past, so they will decide to to enjoy the life to the maximum before they die.

As they are the only ones to know that the world will end in 7 days, they will do all illegal things to gain money. They spend every seconds of their life happily. Intertestigly, past the 7 days, the world doesn’t end but they end up in trouble because of their wrong doings. There are a couple of twists in the movie and the rest of the story deals with how they manage to come out of the trouble. Check out the rest in theaters.

There are already a couple of movies in mainstrem cinema. All of the characters have given their best and the comedy scenes are highlight of the movie. Background score would have been better. Though it is an intertesting plot, the director missed to design a interesting screenplay. That’s one of the drawbacks of the movie. There are many logic loopholes here and there.

It’s a fun ride entertainer.

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