Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S

Tesla has announced that the buyers of Model S will get Spotify Premium integration across the select international markets including Europe, Australia and Hong Kong. But, this offer is not applicable for the purchases made within the US.

Just a heads up, Spotify is a music streaming service that offers restricted media from a range of artists and record labels. Using the interface, users can choose media by artist, album, genre, labels, playlist and direct searches.

Here’s what Spotify’s Automotive Bizdev head Jonathan Tarlton told the Telegraph:

The car radio has not changed much at all, so what we’re doing with Tesla represents the future. Tesla owners will be able to access a full premium experience, free from adverts.

Tarlton also said that the company is not doing making deals: “This is a very important focus for us and a key strategy and you can expect many more exciting announcements from us in this sphere.”

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