Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s most affordable electric car, the Model 3 will be heading to India in late 2017 and the American car maker has started accepting pre-orders for the car for Indian sub-continent as well.

The pre-order page is now up and the company has added few more countries to the arrival list, including India, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, and Ireland.

This is the first car from the company looking forward to masses and you can have one by pre-ordering for $1000. This gives you a chance to test drive the company’s premium sedan – the Model S. It seems Tesla is bidding high on this car and the first batch of the car is expected to begin shipping in the US in late 2017, followed by the UK and other counties listed in the first wave of countries to get the car.

In case, if you want to cancel the booking, you are allowed to do it any time with a full refund on your cash. Indian-bound Model 3 will come packed with India-wide supercharger network that can charge Tesla cars from 0 to 100 percent in roughly 75 minutes.

The Tesla Model 3 was announced on the late night of Thursday at an event in Los Angeles, carrying a starting price tag of $35,000 (around 23 lakhs). However, Indian-bound Model 3 will set you much higher than the US, as it has to be imported from the US and duties on it would be around 125 percent in India.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla founder Elon Musk said the car will be able to cover at least 215 miles (346 km) on a single charge and that the car will offer Tesla’s autopilot feature. The car isn’t expected to be available until late in 2017, but that hasn’t stopped people from pre-ordering it. Musk said the car already has 115,000 pre-orders. Quite a few Tesla fans in the US had camped overnight to pre-order the Model 3.


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