Vespa 946

Piaggio has revealed that they will be introducing the Vespa 300 GTS and the Vespa 946 for the Indian lineup in June this year. The company, however, has been announcing that these scooters will make their debut in India for over two years now, Mr Stefano Pelle, CEO, Piaggio Vehicles India, has now officially confirmed the aforementioned plans.

The Vespa 946 (shown above) is the company’s premium offering in the global market. Upon launching in India, the Vespa 946 would be one of the most luxurious scooters that you can buy in India. The Vespa 946 is powered by a 125cc fuel-injected single-cylinder engine that delivers 12 horsepower and 10Nm of torque, through a CVT transmission.

Its enhanced fuel economy and minimal emissions make this two-wheeler the ideal choice for city riding. The 220 mm double disc brake, two-channel ABS braking system and large 12-inch wheels guarantee maximum safety on the road. We expect that the price tag would be placed around Rs. 8 lakh.

Vespa 300 GTSUnlike Vespa 946, the Vespa 300 is more affordable than the former with a price tag of Rs. 5 lakh. Though the scooter is cost efficient, yet it is powerful, which is powered by a 278cc 4-stroke single-cylinder electronic injected engine. The liquid-cooled engine is good for 21 horsepower and 22Nm of torque. The GTS 300 rides on 12-inch wheels, both of which get a 220mm disc brake for good stopping power. It also gets a traction control system and ABS.

These two scooters will be imported to India through CBU (completely built unit) route that may attract heavy custom duties.


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