Olli is the worlds first autonomous shuttle powered by IBM Watson

An Arizona-based automaker that specializes in making 3D-printed cars is unveiling a new 3D-printed, autonomous, electric minibus called Olli. The automaker is planning to sell their 3D-printed cars starting this year. According to Local Motors, Olli is the first vehicle to be powered by IBM Watsons’s cognitive learning platform, Watson Internet of Thins (IoT) for other features.

There is no more connected technology possible than a car, you just have to make it work,” says John B. Rogers, Jr., CEO and co-founder, Local Motors. “The Strati is the idea of what does a $5,000 car look like? And an Olli is, what does it mean to share [a car]? The future is full of both. In the future, it is shared transportation that is organizationally owned, there will be shared transportation that is privately owned, and then there will be transportation that is not shared that is privately owned. We’ll have all these.”

It’s a cute boxy that can accommodate 12 people is now roaming the streets of Washington DC, which is expected to make its trip in Miami and Las Vegas in late 2016. This simple minimalistic box uses sensors and speech-to-text to learn about passengers. Oli has the ability to communicate with passengers in natural language, thanks to Watson. You can tell Olli where you’re heading and ask basic questions such as how technology works.

When time comes that driverless shuttles can be used for public transport legally, then probably you’ll be able to book a ride through an app, just like the way you book an Uber ride. Despite of its crowd-sourced network, Local Motors has only 130 employees. Rogers wanted to setup several micro-factories around the globe to build more rendered designs, just the one like Olli. If everything goes well, it will only take 10 hours to 3D print and assemble Olli.


Olli inside


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