M3 is one of the most successful series ever built in the BMW history. BMW is all the way in making generation films of the most successful model of M. The video above showcases the E46, the fast, powerful and responsive machine.

The success story begins with the traditional E30 M3. The third generation M3, codenamed the E46 went down the roads in 2000, the best all-round driving machines in the series. This car has a huge fan following, which sports a 3.2 litre inline six cylinder mill churning out 343hp, one of the best pursuit driving experiences.

In 2003, another legendary sport car, the M3 CSL was revealed. It was developed under the codenamed SA, the sportiest of the M3. The light weight design made the M3 CSL so dynamic and fast. It came in two body styles, a coupe and convertible, which has the highest sales record than its predecessors.


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