BMW Motorrad Concept Link: BMW’s vision of zero-emission urban mobility on two wheels

BMW has unveiled its new concept bike “BMW Motorrad Concept Link”, representing its “vision of zero-emission urban mobility on two wheels.” The aggressive design of the bike makes us think that it has landed somewhere directly from a sci-fi movie set. However, we live in the world where future lies on electric vehicles, and auto manufacturers relentlessly work on electric vehicles.

BMW Motorrad Concept Link is a complete electric bike with a sleek long profile designed to equip loads of batteries under its hood. It is packed together with a contrasting grey titanium and semi-matt black body, alongside some impressive futuristic features. BMW is also in the process of making a smart jacket, just like the one that Google has, giving rider control over the bike. With a simple wave of a hand opens the luggage compartment and does many functions via connected devices.

There’s a sleek neon orange windscreen and its design exposes some of the internals like the cooling ribs and drive unit. The windshield displays stuff like speed, battery info, range and others onto the windscreen rather than a traditional instrumental cluster. There’s also a touchscreen to control the bike that sits below the handlebar. The smart bike will be able to choose the right and short route for the rider and plays songs based on the trip. Not sure, how it will make up the rider.

The fact is that BMW’s Concept Link is just the brand’s vision of future bikes, though, it will not make it to the road, at least not in this avatar.


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