There are several tuning firms in the western who completely recreates the existing cars to radical version and BMW M cars aren’t uncommon.

The M4 is their favorite because its twin-turbocharged portfolio makes it convenient for them to add more power.

The Tuning communities have already launched their own prototypes with the M4 and the latest is the Hoffy Automobiles who is going to take the M4 to a new level with the 2016 Mamba GT3 Street Concept Vehicle.

The concept design is all set to enter into production next year. The Mamba GT3 Street Concept uses a F82 base BMW M4 series engineering chassis and powertrain as a base platform.

GT3 Street Concept Vehicle boasts an aggressive masculine body featuring a flared wheel arches, a large front air intake unit, and an aggressive fascia. The transformation continues on the interior with GTS Style sport seating, steering wheel, shifter, and headliner all covered in Alcantara.

The interior is also equipped with a jet-fighter inspired heads-up display and Wi-Fi connectivity for all of those kids with iPads sitting in the backseat of your bespoke sports car.

Apart from the bespoke built, the Mamba GT3 delivers 710 horsepower from mild engine tuning, which is almost 300hp more that the stock M4. The original M4 produces only 430 hp. Thanks to the massive power, 0-100kmpl sprint takes 3.1 seconds with a top speed over 210mph.

2016 Mamba GT3 Street HD Wallpapers, Images, Photos

The Mamba GT3 Street Concept is likely to be available after February 2016, but not clear with the exact launch date. Don’t get your hopes up just yet.


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