Suja Varunee gets eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil

suja varunee evicted

On day 91, episode 92 of Bigg Boss Tamil, Suja Varunee was eliminated from the show. The surprising eviction came through Snehan, who spared Ganesh Venkatraman from this week’s eviction and let Suja go out of the house. Her elimination was pretty much expected that haven’t surprised her inmates nor the audience neither.

With Suja out of the show, the race for the title is among the rest of the contestants – Snehan, Bindhu Madhavi, Ganesh Venkatraman, Aarav, and Harish Kalyan. As Snehan has already selected to be one of the four finalists, three from the possible four contestants will join the grand finale.

The coming week will see one of the contestants to eliminate from the show which is purely based on audience votes. The contestant who gets the least number of the votes within the stipulated period of time will be evicted from the show and the rest three along with Snehan will fight for the Bigg Boss Season 1 trophy and cash prize.

We are damn sure that the show is going to be exciting in the days to come as the contestants will give a tough fight to win the season 1 title of Bigg Boss Tamil and Rs 50 lakh cash price.