Santhosh Narayanan tyrannized at Sydney Airport

Persecution has become common at international airports in recent times, particularly in racist countries, where Indians have often been victims of such incidents. In one such incident, it appears to be music director Santhosh Narayanan of Kabali fame, tyrannized at the Sydney Airport by the security officials.

As per his recent tweet, Santhosh has been pulled for a chemical substance test at the airport by the officials and looks like he was bullied by them. The sad part is, he has been pulled over for eight times straight at the same airport, as he claims. This is embarrassing. Despite that he had revealed his identity, they continued to oppress him.

Santhosh took to Twitter to express his agony and his tweet goes, “I was “randomly” picked up for the 8th time in a row at the Sydney airport for a chemical substance test and a rude officer insulted my intelligence. Racial profiling needs to stop. @SydneyAirport”.

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