Draya Michele branded “Bad Mom”, Shamed on Twitter for Refusing to Sign Her Son’s Homework

The multi-personality artist, Draya Michele, is literally the most hated mom on the planet, taking a ton of heat on Twitter for refusing to sign her son, Kniko Howard’s homework. Apparently, no one likes homework! But, she hates it than anyone else, as she took to Instagram to complain about an assignment that was given to her son, which required her to sign off that he practiced a speech five times a day over Thanksgiving break.

Though, Draya immediately deleted the post after it started to attract negative comments, it didn’t really help her a lot. She is being shamed and trolled on Twitter, calling her a “bad mom”. Her army of fans stand on her side, where one fan wrote, “How y’all mad at Draya for not wanting to repeatedly sign a paper daily… that’s excessive. Give me a paper to sign weekly or something… and on top of that I don’t wanna hear the same damn speech a million times when the teacher only gone have to hear it once. FOH!”

She made a photo of her text conversation and posted it on Instagram along with her son’s photo. She wrote, “Mom are you for real? I didn’t get a note card and now I’m not getting those points.” That made a faction of people to go against her with one hater writing, “Do ya see Draya making her son fail his class because she’s tired of signing his HW and listening to him recite it to her. Listen if it’s not her cooking, it’s her parenting. I’m sick of it all,” said one fan. Another agreed, tweeting “Instead of her telling her son not to read it to her everyday she’s gonna f–k up his grades over her being petty.”

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